«There is no straight forward way to do Serial over Bluetooth Low Energy…»

«bluetunIO says there is»

We are creating a Free and Open Source hard- and software platform to help you get started building reliable and versatile Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

Bluetooth Classic offers the Serial Profile Protocol (SPP) for moving Bits and Bytes without worrying about consistency and reliability. However, the experience with BLE is unfortunately less satisfying and forces the developer to focus on building protocols instead of applications. (pronounced like gluten) consists of:

  • An affordable hardware module (under Creative Commons License) offering a BLE to serial UART interface similar to the HC-05, HM-10 among others:
    • well documented
    • fully Open Source (hardware and firmware)
    • based on the NRF52840 SoC
    • rich on application examples
  • Libraries for Android and Web BLE to easily get integrated with the hardware module:
    • straight forward serial communication similar to the Bluetooth Classic Serial Port Profile (SPP)
    • reliable communication providing built in re-transmission, sequencing and error correction
    • configurable power consumption, throughput- and serial settings of the hardware module via the library